Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 and Neurology: Effective Pair Put Into Practice

dragon medical practice edition neurologySometimes it only takes an assistant being out of the office for an extended period to demonstrate that there is an updated technology your medical practice really can’t be without. For Dr. Michael Yeung, a neurologist in Calgary AB, his assistant’s departure on maternity leave was what led him to purchase Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 and he hasn’t looked back. Dr. Yeung’s decision to merge Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 and neurology to keep things running smoothly in his own practice is a good example of how effective the software can be for medical specialties. He definitely found the latest version of the speech recognition software to be more effective for his workflow than he anticipated.

“This version of Dragon Medical Practice Edition is much more accurate and efficient. I can just take my laptop with me and do my dictations at my different clinics.  What I like best is that I can see exactly what I am saying right when I am doing my dictation. I can correct what I do right away instead of sending it off to my assistant and going back and forth with corrections. It saves my assistant’s time and mine.”

Dr. Yeung is also impressed by the “phenomenal” way the new version of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 recognizes an expanded number of medical terms once they are spoken, and makes fewer mistakes even after dictating for long periods of time.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition saves time and money through efficient dictation, elimination of external transcription costs, and integration with EMR/EHR which helps to secure higher reimbursements. It gives back more time in the day to physicians and their staff to be with patients and then be at home instead of in the office entering data into medical charts.